Window Style Mirror - White Circle 100cm

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The Window Style Mirror - White Circle 100cm is a beautiful and unique addition to any home decor. The mirror measures 100cm and is made from high-quality materials, including wood and mirror.

The matte white finish and circular window style design add a touch of sophistication and charm to the mirror, making it a statement piece in any room. The mirror comes with included attachments for easy hanging.


Unique circular window style design
Measures 100cm
Matte White finish adds sophistication and charm
Made from high-quality materials for durability
Can be hung with included attachments


Total Mirror Dimensions: 100cm
Material: Wood and Mirror
Color: Matte White
Product Code: SM0046


If you're looking for a mirror that combines beauty and uniqueness, the Window Style Mirror - White Circle 100cm is an excellent choice. Its high-quality materials and unique design make it a statement piece that will add character to your room while also serving its purpose as a mirror.

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