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When you make a purchase from THEPONCER on our website (, there are multiple ways of checking your order status.

Or, you may reach out to us at if you have any queries regarding your order.

1. Order updates sent to your email

When you place an order, you will be required to submit an email ID. All order and shipping updates will be shared with you on that email ID.

2. Order updates sent as a text message

As part of the order process, you can choose to add a phone number to receive shipping updates as a text message after you complete your order.

3. Using the Messenger option

When you place an order, you will find a button on your order status page that lets you sign up for order updates in Messenger.

Updates are automatically sent to you by our store’s Facebook Page. You can send messages to our store's Facebook Page once they’ve received the first update.

4. Logging into your store account.

You can check the status of your order by logging onto your store account using your email ID and password. Your order details will be available under ORDER HISTORY.

5. Visit courier agencies website

Using the given tracking number, you can visit the websites of our courier agencies below to track your order.


Track Your Order

Please visit and use the given tracking number to track your item.


Track Your Order

To track an item that is dispatched with Fastway, please visit and use the given tracking number.


Track Your Order

Allied Express requires consignment note and the postcode of the destination to track item at or call 13 13 73 for more queries.



+61 423 101 789
Melbourne, Australia