We believe themes are not just for dreams! They mushroom into our habits, stroll into our lives and weave themselves into our thoughts. The world is full of such patterns and themes.

Designing our homes and waking into everyday moments, we all seek comfort and solace in rhythms, similar forms, mandalas, balance, yin yang. 

While our fascination for monochrome gradually bloomed, we realised there are many people around us, like us, that welcome and seek the black and white harmony.

It’s also a celebration of a unique symphony of life. Both colours absorb differently yet when together they reflect a unique sense of completion and sense of perfection.

Our product suppliers understand that this is not merely a surface level mandate to coat everything black and white. It’s our philosophy that exudes through designs and products big and small, individual and as a whole, efficient and aesthetic. We collaborate with them to bring you that sense and sensibility.

Have a look around in our store and let us know if that harmony blended into your life too. We would love to hear and share your stories.


Through our products, we hope to offer choices that you (and your dear ones) would appreciate. We strive to make the selection and ordering process simple, give you systems that are safe and make your overall online shopping experience easy.

It is our attempt to be part of the bigger market and yet we hope to stand out.


Melbourne, Australia