MIRAKLASS Sensor Bin 70L White Oval MK-SB-105-JR

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MIRAKLASS Sensor Bin 70L White Oval

Plop! There goes the lid again, scaring the life out of you with its loud sound as it slips past your fingers and lands on the bin. But, all that can change with our Miraklass Motion Sensor Bin. So sleek and posh, it blends perfectly with any modern kitchen. More than that, it features a soft closing hinge that oh-so-silently and gently close its lid, preventing foul odours from escaping the sensor bin. Love your peace and quiet around the house? Then, maybe you will come to love Miraklass Sensor Bin!


  • Goodbye Odour: Prevent your home from smelling like garbage. The lid is built to seal to prevent any bad odour from seeping out of the bin.
  • Soft Closing Hinge: Keep the peace and tranquility around your home. With our soft closing hinge, say goodbye to those soul shocking plops of bin lids.
  • Motion Sensor: Minimise the icky appearance of fingerprints all over your bin. Open the sensor bin with just a gentle wave within 20 cm range above its sensor.
  • Dual Operations: Place it anywhere in your home. Designed to have two power supply, it can be used with batteries or plugged into plug points.
  • Classy Design: Get the picturesque cooking space of your dream. Featuring a sleek modern design, our sensor bins will fit seamlessly into your kitchen.


  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Product Size: 40x28.5x81.4cm
  • Size: 70L
  • Body: Anti Rust Steel White
  • Lid: Abs
  • Fingerprint Resistant : Yes
  • Soft Open and Close, Noise Free
  • Sensor Range: 20cm
  • Auto or Manual Modes
  • Anti Slip Base : No
  • Battery : 4xaa Battery (Not Included)
  • Disclaimer: Power adapter not included. This model works with 4x C Batteries only (not provided).

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