Kitchen Dual Recycling Bin 30L, Black

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Kitchen Dual Recycling Bin 30L, Black

This item stands out for the following characteristics:

  • This waste bin is the perfect addition to your kitchen. Its sleek black finish and simple design make it an elegant and stylish addition to your home. Not only does this bin look great, but it also provides a convenient way to store your kitchen waste and keep your space tidy. Make your kitchen a more pleasant place with this real blessing.
  • Make waste disposal and sorting a breeze with this one-step pedal bin. Featuring pedals for easy and hygienic opening, this bin also has two inner buckets so you can throw your waste in separately according to materials.
  • This bin is the perfect combination of hard and soft. Its hard outer container provides durability, while the built-in soft-close system ensures a slow and silent closure every time. Plus, the airtight seal locks in bacteria and bad odours, keeping your family safe.
  • This waste bin is designed with convenience in mind. Featuring two inner buckets with metal handles, you can easily lift them out of the bin for quick and easy cleaning. No more struggling with bulky waste bins when a bag breaks - simply take out the inner buckets and clean them with ease.

Key features:

  • Item Dimensions: 64 x 42 x 30 cm.
  • Item weight: 7.6 kg.
  • Package Dimensions: 66 x 44 x 32 cm.
  • Package weight: 7.6 kg.

The box includes the product, all its components, and a simple set of instructions. One product per package.

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