Keezi Kids Table Chairs Set Children Drawing Writing Desk Storage Toys Play

$ 125 AUD

Made of durable MDF board, the eco-friendly Desk is strong and steady with good quality construction that ensures practicality and longevity with robust use. These include child-safe smooth corners and hinges as well as using non-toxic lead-free paint for the finish.

One of its most prominent features, the inclined desktop allows for easier use when writing or reading without putting excessive strain on the child's back.

A matching stool ensures that it works perfectly in tandem with the desk.

Other great features include a groove for stationery and a hidden storage compartment when the desktop is lifted up.

* Smooth inclined desktop
* Lift-up desktop with storage compartment
* Stationery groove
* Non-toxic and lead-free paint
* E1 MDF Board
* Durable hinges
* Rounded safe edges
* Durable structure
* Portable weight
* Easy to clean
* Easy assembly
* Recommended age: 3 years and above
* EN71 European Safety of Toys certified

* Material: E1 MDF board

Package Content
1 x Kids Lift-Top Desk and Stool
1 x Assembly Manual

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