Room Divider - 3 Panel - Pinewood - Black & White

$ 125 AUD

Giving you a touch of the orient, this 3-panel room divider is able to create simple style-lines for your living area, study or bedroom - providing privacy, creating space and decorating your home. A gorgeous feature that brings new colour and texture into any space that you like to have it.

Made of solid pine wood with metal hinges, it offers a sturdy structure for maneuverability. Combined with a non-woven fabric screen, it is an environmentally friendly material, has great liquid repellency and strength - ensuring this piece of furniture will last for a long time in your home.

It can be folded and stored away in a handy spot easily when not in use. Totally made for a space-saving purpose, it will be handy whenever you need it. Whenever you need a space for yourself, it's always possible now.

Product Features

  •  3 Panels
  •  Dividing rooms, creating privacy sections or office partitions
  •  Solid Pinewood
  •  Two-way metal hinges
  •  Made with New Zealand imported Pine Wood - Natural color with beautiful grain.
  •  Less than 10% of moisture content - Does not deform due to humidity.
  •  NC lacquer finished - Maintain beautiful grain itself.
  •  High-quality hinges - Expand or closes the panel quietly and smoothly.
  •  Non-woven fabric screen - Environmentally friendly material
  •  Foldable panels - saves space when not in use
  •  Flexible maneuver
  •  Easy to store


  •  Material: Solid Pine wood & non-woven fabric screen
  •  Colour: Black

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