Computer Monitor Riser - Artiss - Black

$ 40 AUD

Here is an easy way to create more desk space without getting a bigger desk. Just use the Monitor Riser to place your monitor on top and you have even extra storage below for other desk essentials with its 2-tier shelf design.

Plus, you will also have a more comfortable sightline to view your monitor and less strain on your eyes and neck.

Made of 12mm thick MDF board, the monitor riser is strong and durable and has a weight capacity of 15kg for the top shelf and 5kg for the bottom one.

It will fit any normal-sized desk with ease and comes with anti-scratch pads for a pristine desk all the time.

* Ample space for most monitors
* 2-tier storage space
* Anti-scratch feet pads
* Comfortable sightline
* Fit any desk or tabletop

* Material: 12mm MDF board
* Top shelf weight capacity: 15kg
* Bottom shelf weight capacity: 5kg
* Dimension: 55cm x 23.5cm x 15cm
* Colour: Black

Package Content
1 x Monitor Riser
1 x Assembly manual

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