Bathroom Cabinet - Cefito - 90cm - With Vanity Mirror - White

$ 165 AUD

Looking to replace your bathroom mirror cabinet? Well, this bathroom Storage Mirror Cabinet may just be the right option for you.

Finished in high gloss PU and made of quality 15mm MDF material, the Storage Mirror Cabinet is designed to be longlasting and durable with a touch of class.

The three soft-closing doors open to lots of storage space within the cabinet with adjustable glass shelves to suit your various storage requirements for toiletries, medicine and other bathroom essentials.

Not least, the pencil-edge handles make this Storage Cabinet uniquely stylish whilst the crystal-clear mirrors reflect wide coverage with absolute clarity.

Eco-friendly and easy to install, this premium Storage Mirror Cabinet is always ready to make your day a beautiful one.

* Three doors
* Eco-friendly and non-irritating material
* High gloss PU paint finish
* Quality 15mm thick MDF board
* Adjustable glass shelves
* DTC soft-closing hinges
* Pencil edge
* Hidden handles
* Easy to clean
* Easy to install
* Great for storing toiletries, medicines, shavers, etc.

* Material: MDF board
* Finish: High gloss PU paint

Package Content
1 x Storage Mirror Cabinet
1 x Assembly Manual

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